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St George Landscaping, Masonry and Excavation

Saint George Landscaping Tips For August

Southern Utah may still be experiencing three-digit temperatures. With kids starting school and stores stocking Halloween decor, however, there’s no doubt fall is on its way. For gardeners or homeowners working with landscapers, August in St. George is time to find a balance—acknowledging the approaching autumn while keeping the heat in mind. After all, no […]

What A Contractor Can Do For Your Damaged Block Wall

A block wall can have a lasting impact, whether it’s used to divide your property from that of your neighbors, serve as the foundation for your home, stave off erosion or beautify your yard. Block walls are sometimes made using brick and more commonly using concrete blocks. The latter material is generally preferred in southern […]

Saint George Landscaping Tips For May

May in St George is a beautiful time. While our winters are not harsh, the lawns and plants do die back and take most of the spring to recover. However, by May, flowers are everywhere, lawns are green again and everything is starting to grow vigorously again. With all this growth comes specific landscaping needs, […]

7 Excavation Tips For New Home Construction

St George and the surrounding towns are becoming more and more popular as people discover the hidden treasure that Southern Utah represents. This means there are more new home excavations to help meet the population needs. As expert excavation contractors, we wanted to offer 7 insider tips on the excavation of new homes. Survey The […]

Answers to Common Masonry Questions

While your masonry needs may vary, there are some questions our expert masonry contracting team has been continually asked. To help others who may have the same questions, we have compiled the answers to our most commonly asked masonry questions. What Time Of Year Is Best For Masonry Work? Masonry work requires stable weather conditions, […]

St George Landscaping Tips For February: Lawn Fertilization And Water

Lawn care in the month of February in St George, Utah, isn’t like much of the rest of the United States. Our lawns usually aren’t buried under a layer of snow and our daytime temperatures are already rising to the high 60s-low 70s with nighttime temps in the high 30s-mid 40s. Because things start to […]

​St George Landscaping Tips For January – Winterizing Your Sprinkler System

A good sprinkler system is a big investment but worthwhile to keep your remarkable landscaping at it’s greenest. Come winter time, winterizing your sprinkler system will protect it from ruptured pipes, flooded lawns, and costly repairs. Why Winterize Your Sprinkler System? Winterizing is necessary because the frost during the course of the winter months will […]

​St George Landscaping Tips For January – Winter Pruning

It is the middle of winter so you get a reprieve from having to deal with any gardening or yard work, right? Actually, there are many benefits to winter pruning. Enough that it might be worth adding it into your routine in order to maintain your garden space better for the coming spring. Why Garden […]

Excavation Services You Didn’t Know You Need

There are several excavation services that could be useful to homeowners. But many people consider excavation restricted to large projects, like building a new structure or an archaeological dig. There are many times when hiring a team to conduct an excavation service is the right fit for your home. Ranging from sewer excavation to excavating […]

Retaining Wall Material Options In The Southwest

When considering the creation of a retaining wall, many people believe there are only a few materials to choose from for their new retaining wall. However, here at Stonetree, we value your individuality and always like surprising our clients with many options when it comes to retaining wall materials that can be found in the […]