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Landscape Design Ideas That Suit The Character of Your Home

To properly showcase your home with ideal landscaping, it’s always a good idea to consider the character of your home before starting any project. For instance, it wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense to take a mid-century modern home and xeriscape the yard.

As our landscaping experts here at Stonetree have worked with many people to design the right landscaping for their properties, they have some ideas of where you can start with your landscape design based on what character you want to bring out of your house.

Elevate The Cottage Charm Of Your Home

Cottage Home Landscape - Stonetree

If you are looking to draw out the cottage charm of your home, flowers are a must around the front and borders of your home. Particularly, bushy flowers are ideal such as snapdragons, lavender, hydrangea, and begonia for the borders of your yard. Also, choosing a flowering climbing plant like jasmine or honeysuckle to climb up the front of your home can also add a country cottage look to any home.

As you have bushy groups of flowers bordering your yard, they should surround a lush lawn. You should allow your lawn to grow out a bit to around 2- 2 ½ inches, to provide that deeper look to your yard. Not only will this practice add to your yard, but it easier to keep your lawn healthy.

Also, deciduous and flowering trees can be a great addition to a home looking to embrace a cottage look. Trees like the Arizona ash, Bradford pear, and oleanders can add an airy appearance to your home while protecting your flowers from the sometimes harsh direct sun that we can receive here in Southern Utah.

Complement A Desert-Style Home

Desert Home - Types Of Cactus - Stonetree

Another popular landscape design for homeowners in Southern Utah is xeriscaping. This landscaping style combines various cacti and succulents with attractive rock styling and draws out the sparse beauty of a desert-style home.

One of the key ways to complement a desert-style home is to choose a variety of cacti and succulents. A few attractive options are agave, golden barrel cactus, strawberry hedgehog cactus, and Indian fig cactus. Some of these plants grow quite large, so be sure you know their mature size. That way, your yard isn’t overcrowded in a few years.

As for the rocks in your xeriscaped yard, you can choose from a variety, from lava rocks to smooth stone with a couple of boulders to act as accents. Depending on how you have these rocks laid out by our landscape specialists, a multitude of designs is possible.

Embrace The Mid-Century Classic Look

Mid-Century Home Landscape - Stonetree

The Americana suburb dream tends to encompass the mid-century modern look, as it maintains a classic sense of style. With this landscape design, a sense of timelessness should be evoked by your home and yard.

For one thing, bushes are a must for creating this classic look. They can be short bushes that define the boundary of your yard or larger bushes that create a sculpted, living fence around your property. You can opt for flowering bushes such as the boxwood beauty natal or the more hardy shrubs like blue point junipers.

Well-leafed trees are another key feature in mid-century classic landscaping. Flowering trees can be a lovely option, especially as they bloom in the spring, as well as trees with broader leaves such as the London plane tree or the aristocrat pear. Also, a nice, broad lawn with plenty of open space is the finishing touch for this particular look.

Combine A Minimalist Home With Subtle Landscaping

Minimalist Home Landscape - Stonetree

As for the minimalist landscaping, what plantings are best for this yard is best tailored to your environment.

What we would advise is picking a few feature plants that are eye-catching but not overwhelming. For our St George readers, a couple of palm trees would be perfect, standing out beautifully against an uncluttered lawn. A small hedge would also work, but it is best as a border and kept simple as well as short.

If you would like to work with our team of insured and licensed landscapers, from designing your landscaping to implementing those designs, contact us today. We will be happy to make your dream landscape a reality.