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Where To Start Your Landscaping Design Overhaul

Depending on the size of your property and your budget, it can be tough to know where you should start when you are ready to overhaul your landscaping design. Since you probably rather not have bags of mulch and a couple of crates of plants sitting around as you try to fix everything at once, it is best that you approach your landscaping overhaul deliberately.

Well, you are in luck! Our landscaping design experts here at Stonetree can help you tackle your redesign and help you make the most of your landscaping.

Focus On The Curb Appeal First

The first thing anyone sees of your home is the front yard, so it makes sense to start your landscaping overhaul with your property’s front landscaping. Before you jump into your redesign, we recommend you envision what you want the end product to look like so that you don’t end up buying unnecessary plants, decor, and other things.

Once you have a clear idea of what you want to have done to your front yard, here is the order of operations we recommend you work your landscape design overhaul.

Address Hardscaping Design

It is best that you start with revamping your hardscaping design. With hardscaping design, this can mean you redo the walkway leading up to your home, add short retaining wall planter beds for decorative plants, and other non-living landscaping design items.

After you have the hardscaping in place, it will be easier for you to see where the rest of your plants and landscaping will go. Also, the hardscaping can be one of the more expensive aspects of your front yard redesign, it is important to complete the hardscaping first so that you aren’t left with half-done walkways and planter beds.

Add Flowers, Trees, And Bushes

To help liven up your hardscaping, adding flowers, trees, and bushes can bring color while softening the effect of the hardscaping features. If you are looking to create a boundary with your bushes, it is best that you plant them first and establish them in their beds.

As for the trees, be sure you know how large they will become since they can develop a root system that can endanger your home’s pipes, and the branches can damage the roof. Also, when it comes to the flowers you plant, try to opt for desert-hardy flowers that can thrive in our Southern Utah heat.

Lay Down Sod For Lawn

Rather than seeding your front yard and hoping a lawn manages to grow, it is best to have sod installed. Here at Stonetree, we use a hybrid type of fescue grass that will hold up well under the heat St. George experiences, and once you have your lawn installed, it can pull together your entire front yard landscaping design.

Determine Where To Start In Backyard

After you have finished your front yard overhaul, it is time to tackle the backyard landscaping, which can be even more exciting than designing the front landscaping. However, it can make it tough to know where to start since there are so many possibilities when it comes to redesigning your backyard landscape design.

To help you start your process, pick a focal point of your landscaping. Maybe you want an inviting patio area for relaxing and entertaining. Or, do you have children and want the yard to be more playground-friendly. Once you have an idea what your landscape design focal point will be, work from there, particularly if the focal point requires hardscaping.

Address Fence And Privacy Concerns

Another significant concern that comes with backyards is fencing and privacy. If your backyard doesn’t have a fence, you may want to address that first, especially if you have a dog or young children who are prone to wandering.

There are a number of fencing options and materials that you can choose from. But if you want to select more open-style fencing but want more privacy, you can combine the fence with a screen of bushes.

Update Hardscaping Features And Design

With the property boundaries established, it’s time to update the hardscaping features and incorporate your overall design focal point. In most cases, the update in the hardscaping is repairing or installing a deck, setting up pathways, repairing existing block walls, and any other nonliving landscaping features.

Once these areas are repaired, you should have clear areas delineated for the lawn and plants you are planning as the finishing touch for your backyard landscaping.

Install Lawn And Other Plants

After everything else is done, it is time to put in the plants and your new lawn. It is best to wait until the end to put in the lawn, as you should avoid stepping on it as the new sod roots into the soil. If you do step on your lawn in the first few weeks, you may leave dips in the grass due to how your feet squish down the grass and soil.

Work With Stonetree On Your Landscaping Design Overhaul

Tackling all this work on your own can be tough, both physically and mentally, as it can take a lot of planning to pull off successfully. To help you reach your ideal landscaping design, our specialists here at Stonetree can help.

If you would like our team’s experienced help in tackling your landscaping design overhaul, contact us today to set up your consultation!