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Answers to Common Masonry Questions

While your masonry needs may vary, there are some questions our expert masonry contracting team has been continually asked. To help others who may have the same questions, we have compiled the answers to our most commonly asked masonry questions.

What Time Of Year Is Best For Masonry Work?

Masonry work requires stable weather conditions, and in many places, the longest stretches of clear weather are during the summer. However, in St. George, summers can be brutally hot to the point that even walking outside at the height of the day can be uncomfortable, let alone working on a masonry project.

Because of this, late spring and early summer are some of the most ideal times to do masonry work in St. George. When masons do work during the summer here, it should be during the early hours of the morning.

Can A Contractor Repair My Brick Wall Or Should It Be Rebuilt?

The answer to this question depends highly on the maintenance and care that has been given to the brick wall. If it has been kept free of vegetation and was properly installed when it was originally built, it may just require repointing, which is when mortar is reapplied to the joints of the bricks.

If the brick wall has not been maintained, was poorly installed, or was built with a less durable variety of bricks, it will likely need to be rebuilt.

How Can I Clean My Bricks?

Bricks will fade in color over time but the fading will look less pronounced if you keep the bricks clean. To start the cleaning process, spray them down with your garden hose. A pressure washer would be even more effective if you have one.

You may have an unfortunate amount of staining from mineral buildup on your bricks which won’t be removed with water. There are acid washes formulated to remove this buildup from bricks, but they can be dangerous to use for those who do not commonly perform that kind of work. We would strongly encourage you to contact us and allow our masonry team use the wash to clean your bricks.

What Effect Do Plants Have On My Masonry?

While it can look beautiful to have plants climbing your masonry, it can be extremely destructive to your masonry. The little tendrils which allow the plant to climb are dug into the stone and mortar holding your masonry together. Because of this, when people go to remove climbing plants, they find that the face of the masonry and much of the mortar has been destroyed.

Most other plants should be fine to place near your masonry. The only exception is trees. With their root systems, a mature tree’s roots can push up the ground and crack masonry.

Should A Sealant Or Water Repellant Be Applied To My Wall?

You should not use a sealant on your block walls. While it is tempting to protect your block wall from sprinklers with a sealant, it can just trap moisture inside the wall and rot from the inside. We recommend a water repellent treatment as it will allow the wall to circulate air but give it some protection from water.

If you have a masonry project coming up and want it done correctly, then you should contact Stonetree, you local masonry contractors. Our contractors are licensed and insured so that you will receive the best possible service.

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