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St George Landscaping, Masonry and Excavation

How To Plan & Execute Your Landscape Design

There are few undertakings more satisfying than transforming your landscape, whether you do it on your own or with the help of a landscaper. It’s an undertaking many of us plan to get around to . . . eventually. As French writer and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exúpery said, though, “A goal without a plan is […]

New Year, New Lawn! 5 Ways You Can Improve Your Landscaping This Year

Having just ushered in a new year, many people have crafted resolutions to ensure they’ll look and feel their best in the coming months. If you’re a fan of a luxuriant landscape you can do the same for your home, setting resolutions to improve your grounds in the coming months. You can consult with a […]

5 Reasons Why Professional Excavation Services Are Worth The Cost

When you know that you will need to excavate your property, it can be tempting to DIY in an attempt to save money. However, this type of false economy often leads to trouble, and eventually makes it expensively clear why people pay for professional excavation services. If you are on the fence about this issue, […]

Winter Planning For The Perfect Spring Planting

Many plants and, with them, many gardeners have gone dormant with the cold. The truth is, however, there’s plenty to do this January if you want to prepare for a thriving spring landscape. You may wish to collaborate with local landscapers who can handle winter-appropriate tasks like pruning and soil prep as well as introducing […]

Saint George Landscaping Tips For January 2019

Winter in St. George, UT, can range from fairly comfortable to surprisingly chilly and this winter is turning out to be one of the colder ones we’ve had in a while. In fact, since temperatures are dropping into the low thirties in the evening, Stonetree’s January 2019 St. George landscaping tips will be focused on […]

Saint George Landscaping Tips For August

Southern Utah may still be experiencing three-digit temperatures. With kids starting school and stores stocking Halloween decor, however, there’s no doubt fall is on its way. For gardeners or homeowners working with landscapers, August in St. George is time to find a balance—acknowledging the approaching autumn while keeping the heat in mind. After all, no […]

What A Contractor Can Do For Your Damaged Block Wall

A block wall can have a lasting impact, whether it’s used to divide your property from that of your neighbors, serve as the foundation for your home, stave off erosion or beautify your yard. Block walls are sometimes made using brick and more commonly using concrete blocks. The latter material is generally preferred in southern […]

St George Landscaping Tips For June: Fertilizing Palms, Grass, and Other Plants

Proper care for your St George landscaping in June is vital to your landscaping’s health throughout the summer. If you follow our landscaping experts’ tips for June, your landscaping should be in good shape to meet the scorching heat of the summer. Fertilizing Your Palm Trees In June You should not be using the same […]

Saint George Landscaping Tips For May

May in St George is a beautiful time. While our winters are not harsh, the lawns and plants do die back and take most of the spring to recover. However, by May, flowers are everywhere, lawns are green again and everything is starting to grow vigorously again. With all this growth comes specific landscaping needs, […]

7 Excavation Tips For New Home Construction

St George and the surrounding towns are becoming more and more popular as people discover the hidden treasure that Southern Utah represents. This means there are more new home excavations to help meet the population needs. As expert excavation contractors, we wanted to offer 7 insider tips on the excavation of new homes. Survey The […]