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Why You Should Consider A Two-In-One Landscape Design

2 in 1 landscape - Stonetree

Many landscaping design ideas you’ll see from places like Better Homes and Gardens or Country Living tend to feature sprawling parks of land that likely take a team of gardeners to maintain.

Since most people don’t have that kind of yard space but instead have smaller spaces to maximize, you may want to consider more compact design ideas like two-in-one landscape design.

Combine Landscaping Design Function With Flair

One of the main reasons why people choose to pursue a two-in-one landscape design is due to lack of space. Particularly in St. George, UT, since the heat and low amount of rainfall make it tough to maintain broad stretches of landscaping, many homes come with modest yards.

But with two-in-one landscape design, features in your landscaping are chosen because they serve at least two different purposes and make the use of a space, which makes it ideal for Southern Utah homeowners.

Along with the high level of functionality of two-in-one landscape design, the practicality of such a design should appeal to those who prefer a more minimal style. No matter what reason why you decide to go with two-in-one landscape design, you can always combine this style of necessity with a sense of artistic flair.

Ways You Can Implement Two-In-One Landscape Design

If you aren’t sure how to bring two-in-one landscape design to your yard, your local landscaping experts here at Stonetree are here to help. Below are some ideas to help kickstart your creative process.

Make Use Of Your Yard’s Verticle Space

Vertical Space Landscape - Stonetree

When it comes to landscaping, most people don’t consider the verticle space that often goes to waste in traditional landscaping design. Instead of leaving areas blank, or at best having a trellised flowering plant, you can add verticle planters to your yard.

These attractive planters can do multiple things at once. For one thing, they can spruce up a privacy fence and break up the bland color block with vibrant-colored plants. Also, depending on what plants you choose, you can have a handy verticle herb garden for fresh herbs to cook with on a regular basis.

There are many styles of hanging planters you can add to your landscaping, the aesthetic of which will depend on your personal style. You can find thousands of ideas, from custom-designed hanging planter boxes to upcycled pallet gardens.

Add A Multipurpose Water Feature

Multi Purpose Water Feature - Stonetree

Maintaining a large water feature can be difficult here in St. George, particularly in the height of summer. Also, a standing water feature can be a hazard if you have young children who will be at your home or pets.

Instead, an excellent alternative is a multipurpose water fountain as a water feature. Not only can help create a peaceful corner in your landscaping design but with the right design, it can also act as a water source for a thirsty pet dog or cat, as well as a fun way to watch wild birds play in your yard. Since the water cycles constantly, you won’t run into the same stagnant water issues that you would with a pond.

Choose Patio Furniture With Storage

Storage Patio Furniture - Stonetree

Adding patio furniture to your landscaping is already a great way to make more of your outdoor spaces, as it allows you convenient areas to relax and enjoy your property. As you choose your patio furniture, finding pieces that leave room for storage can be very useful.

For instance, say that the outdoor ottoman has storage space in the center. In there, you can easily stash gardening gloves, gardening hand tools, plant fertilizer, and other outdoor tools that you don’t need taking up storage in your home or garage.

Consider The High Utility Of Lawns

High Utility Lawns - Stonetree

Some people decide to tear out their lawns, deciding that it represented wasted space. But a well-maintained lawn can provide you with multiple uses, just by being there.

One of the major considerations is how a lawn helps absorb heat, and in St. George, that’s a considerable benefit. Where stone and concrete capture and retain heat, lawns will absorb the heat and not heat up your yard and home with retained heat.

Lawns are also excellent if you have children, grandchildren, and pets who need space to stretch their legs. Also, it is easy to design comfortable spaces around a lawn, as it ties everything together.

Stonetree Can Bring Your Landscape Design To Life

Whether you have a fully planned out landscaping design or just a broad idea of what you like, Stonetree can help. You can consult with our landscaping design experts and plan out what your ideal yard will look like.

If you would like to fully utilize your yard while embracing beautiful landscaping design, contact us. Our landscaping experts will be happy to help you bring your dream yard to life.