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The 10 Most Important Things To Consider When Re Landscaping Your Fixer-Upper

Making an investment in a fixer-upper is a huge undertaking that can be both stressful and rewarding. There is pride and satisfaction in turning an old house into a comfortable home. However, caring for the exterior is just as important as the interior. This fact is supported by the new popular phrase ‘curb appeal.’ Here are ten things to consider when thinking about landscaping your fixer upper.

1. How much to budget for landscaping

Most experts recommend that homeowners spend 10-15% of their home’s value on landscaping. Start with a prioritized list of features that you want in your yard. Consulting with a professional can give you an idea of how many of these features you can fit into your budget. Depending on how you plan to use your yard space you could easily go over the 10% rule of thumb. Every homeowner has different goals depending on if they want to invest into hardscape or only some plants and trees The professionals here at Stonetree are happy to help you design a yard that will fit into your budget.

2. Landscape design that adds to your home value

The American Society of Landscape Architects argues that good landscape design is your best home improvement investment. Jill Chodorov Kaminsky writes about putting 20,000 dollars into landscaping and increasing her client’s house value by 200,000. So, it is important to research what type of landscaping features increase house value in your area. Here are several improvements that we find increase house value.

  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Outdoor rooms
  • Covered patios
  • Fountains and Water Features
  • Design that looks good in every season
  • Trees

3. How much prep work you need

Buying a fixer-upper means taking on a project that may require starting with a clean slate. Maybe you have a cement driveway with cracks in it, a pool that is beyond repair, or land that is too slanted to provide a sturdy base for patio or recreational areas. Removing and correcting these types of issues should be done with the consultation of a professional so you can do it safely and according to city regulations. Our professionals at Stonetree can also ensure that your land has appropriate drainage to prevent water damage and flooding, protecting your property and home from substantial damage.

4. Does your landscaping work with your climate?

When you are fixing up the exterior of your house you should take into consideration the climate and location of your home. The Southern Utah climate, for example, will not support an elaborate English style garden. Utah in general has an arid climate and water is at a premium.The Utah Division of Water Resources has published a list of water-wise plants that need a minimal amount of water to thrive. You should consider the fact that southern Utah reaches extremely high summer temperatures and choose plants that can take the heat. Stonetree can answer any questions about plants that thrive in this area.

5. Does your landscaping work with your home?

The style of your house and neighborhood should factor into your landscape design. St. George in particular has a unique southwest architectural style that favors pueblo and adobe style dwellings with an occasional Mediterranean flare. The area is geologically distinct with beautiful red sandstone, fields of black lava stone, and vistas of white limestone. Most building communities incorporate this beautiful natural stone in their landscape designs. Local landscaping favors a natural and organic desert style that reflects the natural environment and climate of the area.

6. How much maintenance do you want to do?

Some people love to work out in the yard and find the time helps them relax. Others prefer to have landscaping that requires little work or upkeep. Both approaches are completely valid. If you are the type that hates the tedious upkeep of the yard then don’t make life hard on yourself. We can help you develop a low-maintenance design plan or to do the yard upkeep for you so you can have a beautiful yard without all the back breaking work.

7. Does it fit with your family and pets?

The members of your household that will get the most use out of the yard are your children and pets. Landscaping should be designed with those considerations in mind. Children should have a safe place to play. You might want to limit prickly plants like cactus and invest in a safety cover for the pool. Plants should also be safe for animals. Pet Friendly House presents a list of plants dangerous to cats and dogs. There should be shaded places where they can retreat from the heat. A patch of grass might protect feet and paws from hot stone and concrete in the brutal desert heat.

8. What can you add with good lighting?

Keep in mind that lighting can add great atmosphere and functionality to your outdoor space. It also keeps your home and guests safe. Whether you decide to add a soft colored light to add ambiance to your water feature or make clear the pathway to your doorway, adding lighting helps you get the most out of your landscaping investment. Consulting our team earns you the lowest-energy options and the highest tech available on the market.

9. How to capitalize on your view

One of the biggest values of a property is the view it can command. In significant ways your property either comes with a view or it doesn’t. However, with our excellent landscaping design you can spruce up areas that are in line of sight from the windows. Perhaps, privacy is your currency instead of beauty. Stonetree can help you can make areas of your yard feel secluded and private.

10. Your own enjoyment

Remember at the end of the day the thing that matters most is that you are happy with your outdoor space. Customize your yard with the features and design that works for your circumstances. It’s our goal here at Stonetree to make your dreams a reality. We offer our expertise and advice at every step of your process.

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