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How to Get Your Sprinkler System Ready for Winter


Freezing temperatures is one of the biggest threats your sprinkler system faces. When water freezes, it expands. If your sprinkler system pipes are filled with water when the temperatures go below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, it can crack the pipes or cause them to burst. This is a very expensive and ugly repair that can challenge your landscape design.

In St. George, the first freeze isn’t likely to hit until December when temperatures can go as low as 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Before that happens, it’s vital that you prepare your sprinkler system to reduce damage.

Shut Off the Water Supply

The first step to prepare your system is shutting off the water supply. This will remove the bulk of the water from the pipes and sprinkler head so that the freezing water can’t burst their containers.

In some areas of the country, you’ll want to drain the pipes so that the water inside doesn’t freeze and break the pipes or components. In St. George, this isn’t a huge priority because the weather is so temperate year round. Shutting off the water supply and removing some of the water from the pipes is enough to protect your system.

Insulate Above Ground Fixtures

When you turn off the supply, it’s important to insulate the main shut off valve. This will protect the valve from breaking when ice forms. You’ll also want to target any above ground fixtures like sprinkler heads and exposed piping. The best way to insulate exposed pipes is to bury them. However, foam insulating tubes, self-sticking foam-insulating tape, pine straw, and other protective materials can be also be used to accomplish this task.

Reset the Automated System

Most sprinkler systems are on a schedule that turns the sprinklers on or off without prompting. Don’t forget to shut down the controller by turning the dial to “off” or “rain mode.” This will prevent the valves from activating and decrease the risks of damage.

Read the Owner’s Guide

Each sprinkler system has its own nuances and specific components that must be taken care of in the winter. Consult the owner’s guide for further instruction about preparing your system for colder weather. It will reveal any special circumstances to be addressed and give directions to handle the insulation of the system.

Hire a Landscaper

The safest and most secure way to protect your sprinkler system is to have a landscaper do the preparations for you. They’ll ensure that the system is thoroughly prepared before winter starts. If you’re looking for an experienced, customer-centric landscaper to handle your winter prep, contact Stonetree Landscaping today!