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5 Nightmares You Could Expect From A Poor Home Excavation Job

5 Nightmares You Could Expect From A Poor Home Excavation Job

Whether you have a large excavation job on your hands or a small one, there are a multitude of problems you can run into before you have the chance to backfill your work. Here are 5 of the most common problems we have seen people run into when an excavation job goes south.

Digging Damage To Underground Services

Before you or anyone else attempts an excavation on your property, your utilities need to be located. You don’t want to strike your water main or other important lines while digging.

You can file a location request with your utilities company to avoid this if you are handling the excavation yourself. However, if you hire the work out, you should know that some companies are not licensed and insured. They may not be as careful as you would like them to be and leave you with more problems than the excavation bill.

Excavation Falls

Having an open pit in your yard is basically asking for trouble. This trouble can become exponentially worse if the excavation is poorly done. People, animals, and equipment can be in danger of falling into the dig site pit if the site’s dig walls aren’t clearly marked and blocked to avoid this potential nightmare.

Cave-in Dangers

Another potential problem of having an open pit in your yard is the possibility of a cave-in. If the site caves in when unattended, it can be frustrating and costly as you will have to redo the work and it may damage nearby equipment.

The main personal danger comes into play if you are in or around the dig site when it collapses. You could seriously injure yourself, and depending on the depth of your dig site, possibly be killed.

Destabilize Nearby Structures

Done poorly, an excavation can destabilize nearby structures ranging from your near by tool shed to the foundation of your house. There is nothing quite like trying to dig for a pool and ending up having to redo your foundation instead.

Delays In Completion

No homeowner wants a project to drag on, but that is one of the realities of a poorly done excavation. Equipment failure, unprofessional behavior, bad weather, and simply becoming too busy to complete the project can all interfere with completing a project on time.

Our team at Stonetree can help you avoid all of these nightmares during your planned excavation. Give us a call and we can come out to discuss your upcoming project.

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