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St George Landcaping, Masonry, Pools and Excavation

Transforming Southern Utah Yards Into A Desert Oasis With A Pool

When it comes to a little luxury and splendor, nothing beats installing a pool or spa in your own backyard. Add a deck, a waterfall or some other water features and you can turn your backyard into an entertainment retreat that your whole family will enjoy. Here at Stonetree, we understand that pools can enhance […]

Going Beyond Typical Landscaping by Adding Retaining Walls

Landscaping is the method most homeowners use when they want to make their home stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. Planting beds, mulch, showcase trees, pathways, and rock features are all popular landscaping methods that beautify a property. But There’s Much More While typical landscape practices make a huge difference, there’s another element […]

Using Materials Local to Saint George Utah for Your Next Masonry Project

Southern Utah is known for its majestic red cliffs and stunning natural rock formations. From Cedar City to right here in St. George, we have some of the most amazing landscapes of anywhere in the world. So when it comes to using rock and masonry around your home or building, why not choose stone products […]

Masonry Offers A Touch Of Creativity To Your Southern Utah Desert Landscaping​

Utah is not only known for its rich coloring of landscapes but the beautiful natural structures of stone and rock. Whether seen at National Parks or just driving through the state, you can’t help but admire the beauty behind the rock and stone of the state. So why not bring that beautiful natural stone scene […]

Lawn Care Services in Southern Utah

Lawn care in southern Utah is very different from the rest of Utah. Down at the southern tip of the state, the terrain slides towards a desert environment with different soil types and more arid conditions. Even so, with a bit of planning and care, you can still create a beautiful lawn. Water the Right […]

Advancements Leading Up to Modern Day Excavation

Excavation: the process of removing dirt and debris to prepare land for construction, is an important building process used since 4000 BC. There are two main types of excavation, namely archaeological excavation and development-led excavation. In the archaeological sense, excavation is the exposure of archaeological remains through delicate processes of digging and brushing away. In […]

St. George Masonry Services

Masonry has long since been a crucial design option for those who want to add real value to their home. It does more than improve the overall look of the outside of the house. It provides a functional addition that is as practical as it is attractive. But adding masonry to the outside of your […]

St. George Landscape Services

The climate of Southern Utah is a unique one. The dry air, the red rocks, and the lack of vegetation means landscaping is a different process than what you would would find in sister cities up North. St. George has a certain aesthetic, and we are here to help you reach and maintain it. Why […]

Home Owner’s Guide to Desert Trees

Most people who make a desert climate their home would have to agree that living in the desert doesn’t mean you have cacti in your front yard — unless you want to. Many desert-dwellers choose to xeriscape and use water-wise plants around their homes, and others do not. Whatever you decide to do with your […]

Benefits of Laying Sod During Winter in the Desert

No matter what climate you live in, there is nothing like a lush green lawn to frame your home and provide space for outdoor fun. During the warmer months of the year, many homeowners choose to spruce up their property with fresh landscaping and new sod. But guess what? In a desert climate, it’s actually […]