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St George Landscaping, Masonry and Excavation

Considering A Chlorine vs. Saltwater Backyard Pool

The CDC reports that swimming is the fourth most popular recreational activity in the United States and it is the most popular recreation activity for children and teens ages 7-17. However, the CDC also reports that Recreational Water Illnesses are on the rise. Most RWI infections are preventable by good pool maintenance and appropriate hygiene […]

Understanding Backfill Compaction Requirements

Backfilling is an important part of the construction process. Backfilling happens after excavation, when the soil is compacted back into the trench or foundation. It is used to help protect foundations, roadways, walkways and other structures by using a mixture of soil, rocks, and stones. There are many different ways backfilling is approached, but there […]

Using Fill Dirt in Your Residential Excavation Project

Most of the time, dirt is considered a bad thing: in your house, all over your car, on your kids’ faces. But think about it for a minute. Really, dirt is only a bad thing when it’s in the wrong place. When it’s where it belongs and is actually needed, dirt is a great thing […]

Transforming Your Yard Into an Outdoor Entertaining Space

With summertime approaching, many of us turn out thoughts to the outdoors. When the weather warms up, it’s time to get outside and spruce up the yard. Improving your curb appeal is important, and definitely adds something to your entire property. But what about entertaining? How can you transform your yard into an outdoor entertaining […]

The 10 Most Important Things To Consider When Re Landscaping Your Fixer-Upper

Making an investment in a fixer-upper is a huge undertaking that can be both stressful and rewarding. There is pride and satisfaction in turning an old house into a comfortable home. However, caring for the exterior is just as important as the interior. This fact is supported by the new popular phrase ‘curb appeal.’ Here […]

Spring Planting: Southern Utah Guide To Gardening In April

Gardening can be a rewarding endeavor, but some research is necessary to get the best results for your efforts. Southern Utah has unique considerations because of the arid climate of the area. The frost free season starts at the beginning of April and ends in October. This six month window allows both a spring and […]

Transforming Southern Utah Yards Into A Desert Oasis With A Pool

When it comes to a little luxury and splendor, nothing beats installing a pool or spa in your own backyard. Add a deck, a waterfall or some other water features and you can turn your backyard into an entertainment retreat that your whole family will enjoy. Here at Stonetree, we understand that pools can enhance […]

Going Beyond Typical Landscaping by Adding Retaining Walls

Landscaping is the method most homeowners use when they want to make their home stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. Planting beds, mulch, showcase trees, pathways, and rock features are all popular landscaping methods that beautify a property. But There’s Much More While typical landscape practices make a huge difference, there’s another element […]

Using Materials Local to Saint George Utah for Your Next Masonry Project

Southern Utah is known for its majestic red cliffs and stunning natural rock formations. From Cedar City to right here in St. George, we have some of the most amazing landscapes of anywhere in the world. So when it comes to using rock and masonry around your home or building, why not choose stone products […]

Masonry Offers A Touch Of Creativity To Your Southern Utah Desert Landscaping​

Utah is not only known for its rich coloring of landscapes but the beautiful natural structures of stone and rock. Whether seen at National Parks or just driving through the state, you can’t help but admire the beauty behind the rock and stone of the state. So why not bring that beautiful natural stone scene […]