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Identifying The Most Common Types of Cactus In Southern Utah

In our plant guide for Southern Utah desert landscaping, we touched on a number of hardy plants that will work for your landscaping. There are some recommended cacti in our guide, but we wanted to expand our offerings to include some of the most common cactus that grow normally in Southern Utah. That way, our […]

Spring Cleanup Checklist – Lawn & Landscape Tips To Get Your Yard Ready For Summer

Spring is officially upon us, and with it comes the annual flurry of activity known as spring cleaning. Even if you got started early and have already cleaned your house from top to bottom, the job won’t be done until you’ve considered your home from another vantage: the outside. Spring cleaning outdoors involves repairing your […]

Three Landscaping Features To Help Beat The Heat In Southern Utah

Between the distinctive red rocks and the proliferation of cactus and scrub, it’s hard to forget that St. George is located in the middle of a desert. We become especially aware of our desert climate in the summer when temperatures hover in excess of 100 degrees for days on end. If talk of the approaching […]

Adding Trees To Your Landscaping Offers More Than Just Pretty Scenery

Every homeowner knows planting trees has aesthetic benefits. Put simply, trees can beautify your landscape. There are, however, many benefits to planting trees beyond their good looks. A quality local landscaper can advise you on the best trees to plant for your needs as well as your unique landscape. In the meantime, let’s discuss some […]

6 Excellent Landscape Lighting Ideas

When you have beautiful landscaping you want to show off, adding lighting to your space is the natural next step. But if you just walk into a home improvement store, it can be tough to visualize their landscape lighting options in your yard. To help spark your creativity, we have six excellent landscape lighting ideas […]

Troubleshooting 5 Common Issues With Desert Lawns

Having a beautiful lawn in a desert is no easy task. Even though your St George landscapers use a drought-resistant hybrid of fescue grass to create lush lawns, desert lawns tend to struggle with several common issues. To help you protect your lawn, our lawn experts have listed five of the most common issues that […]

Best Lawn And Garden Plants For Hot And Dry Climates

It can be disappointing to see a plant die away even though you have been caring for it carefully. However, it’s not likely due to not having a green thumb. In reality, it is likely your plant died due to the hot and dry climate of Southern Utah. But you don’t have to undergo the […]

Caring For Your Joshua Tree

With their twisted trunks and spiky, dagger-like spines, Joshua trees are a distinctive feature of the St. George area. If you’ve purchased a home that has a Joshua tree, called yucca brevifolia in botany-speak, you may be wondering how to care for this unique plant. If you want to add a little Dr. Seuss weirdness […]

How To Protect Your Desert Plants Through Winter In St. George

Southern Utah is known for winters that are much milder than those in the state’s northern regions, but a freeze still inevitably sets in. Some years it’s more severe than others. In December of 2013, a series of snowstorms caused significant damage to area plants, particularly palm trees. Area nurseries reported losing between 20 to […]

Saint George Landscaping Tips For December

Southern Utah winters are a low-key time when it comes to maintaining your landscape. In fact, some people step away from yard care almost completely during December. You should, for instance, avoid pruning and fertilizing most plants because these activities encourage new growth that’s vulnerable to the freeze that inevitably sets in come January or […]