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Owning a pool or spa has the unique ability to bring families closer together and make social events something much more spectacular. Making the decision to own a pool or spa can be a bit overwhelming if you’re unsure of how to plan for this new addition to your home. Here are a few tips that will help you prepare for your new investment.

What to Expect

The process involved in obtaining your perfect in-ground pool is likely more complicated than you originally anticipated. There are a number of steps involved before you can make your dream pool a reality, but once you’re educated on what to expect you’ll be well on your way to your dream backyard.

Picking the Perfect Spot

There are a lot of things you need to consider when picking the perfect spot for your pool. Keep the following in mind when deciding where you want your new pool:

  • Sunshine- There is nothing worse than swimming in a shaded pool. Pick a spot around your home that will receive the most sunlight, this will make swimming more enjoyable and will also help to heat your water. Try and limit the amount of trees that surround your pool as this will clutter your pool with leaves and provide unwanted shade.
  • Stay Safe- It’s important that you try and dig your pool in an area where you can closely monitor the pool, even from inside. This will allow you to keep an eye on the swimmers so that everyone can be safe.
  • Nothing Below or Above– Make sure that your desired pool location isn’t above any electrical cables, sewer lines or septic systems and isn’t below any overhead electrical or telephone wires.
  • Leave Enough Space- Make sure that you leave enough designated space for all the pool equipment and accessories that come with owning a pool, such as lounge chairs, a shed for storage, space for a diving board or slide, etc.
  • Breeze Block– If you live in a breezy location, it will be beneficial to build some kind of barrier such as a solid board, or plant thick shrubs to keep the wind from freezing your swimmers and making your water evaporate quicker.

Building Permit

Just like any home improvement project, adding a swimming pool to your home requires building and zoning regulations that need to be checked before you can start work on your pool. This requires obtaining a building permit and gaining approval before any work can begin.

Building and zoning laws differ for each city, most are looking to make sure that your pool is a safe distance away from wells, sewer lines, septic tanks, property lines, etc. They will also check to make sure your pool will be properly enclosed with self-latching gates.

Picking Your Pool

The three most popular types of in-ground pools are concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl-lined. Before you can choose which pool will best fit you and your family, it’s important that you have an understanding of what each pool offers.


Concrete pools usually take a little bit longer to install, anywhere from 3-12 weeks depending on it’s size and other factors. However, concrete pools are considered to be the most durable and strongest option available. There are concrete pools over 50 years old that are still in good working condition today, giving you the surety that this investment will last a long time.

Once your pool has been dug out and reinforced with steel-walls, concrete is shot from a gun to cover these walls. After the concrete has cured, it will be either painted, plastered until smooth, tiled, or textured.


Fiberglass pools are a great option for someone not looking for anything custom built. Fiberglass pools are made at a factory and then dropped into your excavated yard by a crane, this means that the installment of your pool can be done in under a week. The gel coating surrounding a fiberglass pool is stain resistant, durable, and nonporous. Because they are nonporous, fiberglass pools don’t harbor as much algae as other pools, meaning you can use less chemicals.


The time-line for installing a vinyl-lined pool is usually anywhere from one to three weeks. The flexible vinyl is attached to the reinforced frame wall made up of either aluminum, steel, or a polymer. Vinyl-lined pools are typically L-shaped or rectangular and come in hundreds of different designs that you can choose from. Make sure and choose a vinyl that is about an inch thick because although vinyl liners can be repaired, they can also be punctured by toys, animals, and kids.

What We Do

No matter what your vision is for your new pool, spa or both, at Stonetree Pool and Spa we can make your dream into a reality. Here are some features we can add to your pool to make your yard one of a kind.

  • Rock retaining walls
  • Pools and spas with waterfalls
  • Grottos
  • Beach entries
  • Reef steps
  • Toddler splash pools
  • Slides
  • Diving rocks

Choosing Your Spa

When it comes to buying a spa for your home, it is beneficial to first ask yourself a few questions before you start shopping around.

  • How Important Are Features? Do you simply want a hot tub that will allow you to use hydrotherapy to help you relax and ease sore muscles? Or do you want the full sensory experience with music, lights, or even a waterfall? Once you’ve figured out what’s really important to you and what you can live without, you will be able to set a more realistic budget for yourself.
  • Who Will Be Using It?- Will your hot tub be primarily used by you and your sweetheart, or will you use it while entertaining and have friends and family use it too? Knowing how many people you’re hot tub will have to fit on a regular basis will help you narrow down your search because you will know the right size to look for.
  • In-ground or Above?- Above ground spas come with all of the pumps and connections necessary to keep it functioning and can be placed virtually anywhere. In-ground spas can be customized to fit your particular needs.

Striving For Excellence

Whether you are looking for something simple or want a tropical getaway, Stonetree has what you need and is dedicated to ensuring that you are satisfied every step of the way. Tell us your vision, and together we can make your dream into a reality.